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Thriller may refer to:


  • Thriller (DC Comics), a comic book series published 1983–84 by DC Comics in the US
  • Thriller Comics, later known as Thriller Comics Library and Thriller Picture Library, a series of comics published by Amalgamated Press/Fleetway in the UK from 1951 to 1963
  • Boris Karloff Thriller, a comic published by Gold Key Comics in 1962




Roller coasters[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Thriller Manju (born 1972), Indian film actor, martial artist, director, screenwriter, stunt coordinator, and choreographer
  • Thriller (short story collection), a 2006 short story collection edited by James Patterson
  • The Thriller, a magazine published in the 1910s, which reprinted stories from The Black Cat and possibly other sources.

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